Welcome to the website for The Margery Kempe Society! The Society was founded by Laura Kalas (Swansea University) and Laura Varnam (Oxford University), and was launched at the first international Margery Kempe Conference in 2018. The Society exists as a fully-inclusive space to support, and to promote, the scholarship, study, and teaching of The Book of Margery Kempe.

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Email us at margerykempesociety@gmail.com or use the Contact Page on this website.

If you’d like to be added to the membership list then please contact us with your name and email address. Please note that we will include all members’ email addresses publicly in the list, for the purposes of group collaboration, unless you request otherwise.

We will be posting resources including bibliographies, pedagogical materials and articles. Teaching resources will come from our collective supplies, so if you have any resources or syllabi you’d be happy to share with other members, please email them to us. Any information regarding Margery Kempe-flavoured events will also be posted – please let us know if you have any events that we can publicise.

June 2022 Update

We were delighted to welcome on board Emily M. Harlessas our assistant and Luke Penkett as our secretary. Thank you to both for all their hard work thsi year!

In the academic year 2021-22, we hosted a series of six new blogs on Margery Kempe by graduate students and ECRs (facilitated by our assistant Emily M. Harless). Check them out on our blog page. (Our ‘Call for Submissions’ is still available on this page and if you’re interested in writing for us in the future, drop us a line). We also posted an extensive list of Margery Kempe scholarship on our Bibliography page, thanks to the hard work of our secretary Luke Penkett. (Please drop Luke a line if you have additions! His email address is on our members page).

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